when a bro ditches his friends for a girl
mark: where is jason?
chris: he went to go fuck holly
mark: he is so salty
by soufpaw8 January 09, 2011
An orgasmic observance from the lips of a man who just sampled another's penis.
James: dayyyum so salty

Mike: u salty bra

Luis: ye cuz i just jizzed in yo mouf
by Scumbag5465 July 11, 2010
Anything that's uber amazing. A word that replaces complements to make you sound awesome.
Damn baby, you lookin' mighty salty today!

Oh my goodness, your hair is soo salty.

That shirt is salty. I want it.
by Xtamidoodle!X February 17, 2010
Something that retards misconstrue to mean embarrassed, let down, played, etc. when in reality the real word they're looking for is "sulky"
"man I'm feelin salty."
"uhhh dude you're a retard it's SULKY not SALTY."
by brenttrademark January 26, 2010
coarse and provocative (said of language)
You friends are always using such salty words.
by The Return of Light Joker March 06, 2009
anything negative. Mostly used as an adjective to describe something negative.
BV: yo we had to cancel the big show for tomorrow.

dj OverDose: Damn man... shit is salty.

BV: werd homie.. im mad salted right now.
by BV from BVP January 10, 2009
sly, tricky, not turst worthy.

see shady
bill: did you see that guy at the show last night.
ted: yeah he just walked right up to you and stole your girl.
bill: god what a salty motherfucker.
by cade thayer October 18, 2008

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