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someone of the male persuasion who often cries, whines or generally gets upset quickly.
Lou is a salty nigga and just cause tato took the tiffany SB's.
by e_rocka July 10, 2008
a cracker who acts black but really everyone knows isnt and is the whitest white boy you will ever meet generally quick to be violent thinks he knows it all but dont know shit and is always putting on a front and thinks theyre hard shit when really there soft.
"geeze my boy lance is such a salty nigga"
by gOD 321 December 14, 2009
a white person who acts gangster
salty as in saltine as in cracker
Benny "YO wats up my nigga i am feelin pimpin"
Lamar "shut up you salty nigga"
by ChrisNaps April 08, 2008
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