When you go down on a girl with a yeast infection and only realize halfway through so you vomit a bit in your mouth and gargle that around with some of her yeasty juices so that you can leak it back into her mouth as you come up to make out with her.
Maaan, so i was eating out at Cindy's clams casino last night and her muff carpet tasted kinda yeasty so I honked some smurfs in my own mouth and slurped a bit of her vadge podge along with that so I could give her a nice long salty kiss that involved lots of tongue, see if I could make her yodel some groceries for not having told me her snatch was raunch-a-taunchy.
by Monster Village August 16, 2012
Top Definition
A kiss given after a girl has given oral sex to another guy. Generally within 15 minutes.
Dude, Ted totally got a salty kiss from jessica! She just sucked off Josh!
by saltykisser September 20, 2010
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