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to snort cocaine off of an erect penis
"Sorry we took so long in the bathroom, but I wanted to salt the fries before hitting the dancefloor."
#salted fried #cocaine #disco #fast food #williamsburg #cock
by Dave Public June 28, 2007
1) A cryptic reminder in System Shock when the game crashes.
2) A cryptic reminder any other time you feel like it. Usually used to screw with someone's head.
3) A vague compliment, meaning nothing at all.
1) Remember to salt the fries!
2) Jack, when I get back, the goddamn fries better be salted.
3) Dude, she salts the fries.
#salted fries #system shock #geeky #salts the fries #compliment #brainfuck
by Vidmaster1911 August 14, 2006
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