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British slang term for vagina.
Sickening... I can smell that girl's salmon canyon from here...doesn't she wash??
by Brad January 09, 2004
16 8
Slang term in Australian and British language for a vagina.

Can also be extended to encompass other areas of the region eg the forest over salmon canyon is pubic hair.

The fun park at salmon canyon is the clitoris.
Hannah went to the beautican and had the forest over salmon canyon clear-felled.
by darth wazza September 26, 2006
7 9
A warm place where Mr Sausage likes to go on vacation.
Janice hows about we take Mr Sausage on a day out to salmon canyon. Bring it!
by Randolph February 02, 2004
5 8
Ricky's mom was from Montana, and boy did she take my boat down her salmon canyon. Tell ya, she got wet and smelled like fish.
by dr.frank December 19, 2006
3 7