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Sally Jessy Raphael.. is the best tv show ev0r! soo random... soo rare.. soo addictive! +] yay! sally! yes... go watch it.. you know you want to!
weekdays - itv2 4.55pm! yay!
"hey! you lay a hand on me i knock you senseless!" - sally jessy raphael
by Shez Pie September 30, 2005
17 11
A talk-show host from the 80's and 90's best known for her oversized red-framed glasses; Sally Jessy Raphael is indeed an O.H. Original Hipster.
Person 1: "OMG!! Who's my baby-daddy?"

Person 2: "Chick, that's some Sally Jessy Raphael shit right there."
by MorganFreemanLives October 09, 2012
3 0
Annoying, trivial and unnecessary (let's face it we've been far too harsh on mickey mouse this whole time).
This bloody admin. and form filling is complete sally jessy raphael.
by fletcher dextrous October 11, 2003
10 22