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noun. Derived from sarcasm. This modified version of sarcasm can be heard regularly by its namesake, sally botz. Defined as an extremely excessive and/or brolic use of mostly dead phrases such as: defenitly not, you gettin it, friends, and the ever elusive- just might not be not might be. This man is a master of sarcasm and his original use of these words is unrivaled by anyone else.
"im definetly not wining in cards right now, i swear"
"i have so much to say that Im not going to say it"
Sal, can I please have my lunch money back? "your gettinnnn itttt" (i swear)
"i heard that i just might definetly like you"
"ey oh ay ohhh ayyy"
"i heard you have friends"
"people like you"
by the founder of the word salcasm December 21, 2003

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