The sweat and juice that collects on the gooch and a-hole during strenuous activity
Man, I got got a ton of salad dressing running down my leg right now!!!
by Josh V. March 02, 2005
Top Definition
A process involving the ejaculation of semen on, in, or near a waiting rectum.

--This is a procedure popular among the homosexual community.
She likes ranch salad dressing.
by stillborndesires April 07, 2005
Agent spread around the asshole during intercourse used to make salad tossing (anal licking) more palatable. Typically this would be something edible and delicious i.e. pudding, flavored lubricant, etc.
Only if you shower and put a little salad dressing around your garbage hole. Last time I was down there I nearly gagged from smell of last night's tacos.
by Dale Earnhardt Jr. III January 24, 2011
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