meaning a dining room/ hall in Italian.
also the nickname of a lazy fat and stupid immigrant friend
stop eating so much you fucking sala
by Don Mario February 20, 2007
"The one who stares at the stars"
That boy, sala, always looks up at the sky.
by conchitamerguez April 16, 2009
(v) to flick the ear.

(n) a synonym for "loser/liar"

Ex 1: (v): She enjoys irritating me; to her, to salas me is very funny.

Ex 2: (n): The tourists all thought that the monkey was a salas, because it had not shared its bananas with its friends, and then ended up tripping on his own banana peels.
by Justin25 December 15, 2008
a way to play soccer, the hottest way possible. involves a bunch of flashy moves. note: sala soccer is only sala if the sala player is actually good.
DAMN! that mexican dude can work sala like no one ive ever seen!
by ryan November 12, 2003

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