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"The one who stares at the stars"
That boy, sala, always looks up at the sky.
by conchitamerguez April 16, 2009
meaning a dining room/ hall in Italian.
also the nickname of a lazy fat and stupid immigrant friend
stop eating so much you fucking sala
by Don Mario February 20, 2007
(v) to flick the ear.

(n) a synonym for "loser/liar"

Ex 1: (v): She enjoys irritating me; to her, to salas me is very funny.

Ex 2: (n): The tourists all thought that the monkey was a salas, because it had not shared its bananas with its friends, and then ended up tripping on his own banana peels.
by Justin25 December 15, 2008
a way to play soccer, the hottest way possible. involves a bunch of flashy moves. note: sala soccer is only sala if the sala player is actually good.
DAMN! that mexican dude can work sala like no one ive ever seen!
by ryan November 12, 2003