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Saints Row is an awesome game, where you are in a gang called the 3rd Street Saints and you have to take over a city called Stilwater from rival gangs. You get a wide variety of guns, like an RPG, Tombstone, K6 Krukov and many others. There are also some damn sexy cars like a Fer De Lance (best car in the game!) and an Attriozone!
Girl: Man, I spent all night on saints row!
Boy: Marry me?
by Youngpadawan_x April 06, 2011
one of the most awsomest games out there
oh sir have u herd of saints row, fuck yeah thats a awsome game
by josh prato- forte August 08, 2006
a mad kikass game where u can drug deal, commit insurance fraud, jack cars kill gangbangers with a ak and not go 2 jail, if u got a fast car
Yo thats them Brawler bitch ass niggas lets ice them bitches an get em outta saints row homie.
by Tha Last Real G September 04, 2006
a video game coming out this fall for the Xbox 360. From the looks of it, it just might PWN Grand Theft Auto's ass!
GTA:SA is going to be fucking PWN3D by Saint's Row!
by T3hBeSt August 27, 2005
A cool game where you play as a member of the 3rd Street Saints helping them take over the City of Stilwater from 3 other gangs. The other gangs are Los Carnales, Westside Rollerz, and Vice Kings. At the same time, it's kind of a knock-off of Grand Theft Auto.
Guy 1: Watcha doin?

Guy 2: Playing Saints Row.

Guy 1: Grand Theft Auto?

Guy 2: No, Saints Row.

Guy 1: That's the same as Grand Theft Auto!
by TheSpencinator2012 June 26, 2011