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A relitively small city in Minnesota. It is one of the two Twin Cities (the other one is Minneapolis).
I love St. Paul, anyone who hates it is plain stupid.
by a clever name August 15, 2005
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The capitol of Minnesota the Eastside and Westside are ghetto as fuck and North and South are nice neighborhoods and the East and West tend to fight a lot and downtown drugs are sold every fucking street but St.Paul isn't as bad as North Minneapolis where anybody that they don't know down there is getting shot sorry to say
Saint Paul is crazy especially frogtown and The Eastside fuck the west.
by sjl9492 March 19, 2007
AKA St Paul

Saint Paul is a city of about 275,000 in Minnesota. Saint Paul is one of the Twin Cities, the other city being Minneapolis. Saint Paul is the capital of Minnesota. This is one fucked up town. To start out with, the streets in Saint Paul make about as much sense as wiping before you poop. There are streets that do the damnest things ever. Another sad fact about Saint Paul is the dumpy West Seventh Neighborhood and the eastside of Saint Paul. These areas are shittier then the ghettos of Chicago. With lawns lavishly decorated with many appliances and cars, one cannot feel but urged to get the hell out of there. With these areas of scum and filth, you'd think Saint Paul is a total shithole. There are a few good areas in Saint Paul. The Summit Avenue neighborhood, surrounding the beautiful Saint Paul Cathedral, contains homes so large and eligant, it's astonishing. Not too far away is the beautiful Capital Building. Our Capital is known to be the best building in all 50 states. Then across the I-35E, I-94 is the semi-ugly downtown area, where condos sell for $500,000 minimum (dumbasses). Then the smelly Mississippi River and damn does it smell. Well that's Saint Paul, Minnesota. Fuck it all, I'm moving to Cottage Grove.
I'm lost, these roads are all fucked up." "Then we must be in Saint Paul, get back onto Shepard Road and get the hell out of here.
by kewlmanme123 May 09, 2005
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