The largest and most urban centre (Moncton what?) in the maritime province of New Brunswick, situated on the east coast of Canada between Quebec, the state of Maine, and Nova Scotia. Saint John is the industrial hub of the region, featuring the largest oil refinery in the country and a busy port. While Saint John may not be the most aromatically pleasing endroit in the Maritimes, it has made strides over the past ten to fifteen years to overcome a stereotype of urban decay and poverty which still dogs its name to this day. Featuring an uptown business district full of charmingly historic architecture and one of the largest inner-city parks in the country, Saint John has become a key destination for cruise lines on the east coast.

"You're from Saint John? Sorry to hear that..."
by arsebundren December 05, 2006
Top Definition
a city in new brunswick that in owned by one family and no one has a problem with that
dude the irvings own saint john
by katiekat October 30, 2003
The mexico city of Canada (reffering to the pollution). Located in New Brunswick, Canada. The irving family owns the city and will soon take over the whole city. Home to the seadogs and moosehead beer, and thats about it. There's nothing exciting about this city besides the few cool cruise ships that come by. It's 1 of the better cities in New Brunswick, which isn't really saying much.
"whats that smell"
"what smell?"
"oh you must be from Saint John"
by SteveFrench December 23, 2006
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