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the concept of a male 'creaming' just about anywhere! (broken glass, garbage bag, monica lewinsky)

if a male were to risk their entire reputation and integrity on a "quickie", it would be at least SOMEWHAT understandable; if they 'shopped' some "quality transportation"!!.

why look back down the road later and think about how you risked everything to 'hammer' some SKANK??!!

at least the kennedys could hardly be blamed for wanting to sample the treasures of marilyn monroe!! -what is this trend of 'hammering' anything that looks even remotely human?? one has to really wonder about the male!!
he had the sailor bill syndrome, and was pounding a hole in the side of a dumpster!!

the sailor bill syndrome had its' talons into the libido of the male...he was caught 'fucking' a 50 lb box of roofing nails.
by michael foolsley May 18, 2011
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