Sahara is the definition of cute.
by TKRtkr August 18, 2011
Top Definition
An amazing person, the most amazing woman in the world. Although she has a few things going against her, she is also the strongest and most courageous woman I've ever met. A perfect girl, who no one can put down. She is beautiful, and has an amazing personality, great sense of humor, and a perfect body. The greatest person on earth never screw it up if you meet her.
Sahara is so beautiful!
by a college boy September 21, 2010
Sahara like conditions occur when a woman, despite her best intentions, is unable to produce any vaginal lubrication.

Although this condition is the exact opposite of a wet out, it has the same, sadly unsatisfying effect for all participants.
Woman: Sahara! Sahara!
Partner: Alas.
by Micky G November 20, 2006
An amazing girl. Don't ever lose her. If you ever have her heart, keep it and don't let it go because she's all you need and all you'll ever need. She may not be the prettiest or the brightest girl in the room but once you know her, you love her. She'll always want the best for you and she'll always be there for you.
Man, I love Sahara
by shortstuffing January 19, 2011

-is pronounced sah-HAH-rah. It is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is "desert" "wilderness" or "the wild".

Place name: an inhospitable desert in North Africa. The hottest desert in the world.

Sahara has 4 variant forms: Saharah, Saharra, Sahra and Zahara and can be often shortened to "Sarah" or "Sara" etc...

Often connected to wild, outgoing, kind, beautiful and or exotic females.
"Hey, where is the hottest desert in the world?"

"The Sahara desert, in North Africa!"
by FlowGently December 23, 2009
Being so high and feeling like your in the middle of the dessert, too high to function.
Bro we smoked so much im so sahara.
by bokness January 15, 2011

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