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A term used to describe the sagging of breasts when not wearing a bra to help keep them in place.
Jack: Hey John, why did that lady judt go running back into her house?

John: Probably because she had to go put a bra on so she could hide her sag bags.
by a bored dude August 10, 2009
the large over hang of the stomach on a fat person which must then be tucked into their pants.
"check out the sag bag on that one it almost touches the ground"
by madame mim September 27, 2009
1. An extremely old person usually a woman who suffers from excessive saggage.

2.A very saggy ball sac.
1. "Hey look at that old sagbag over there in the wheelchair!"

2. " I wish that bloke would put on some trousers i can see his sagbag from here!"
by Stevie McSteve October 02, 2006
A large satchel like area situated below the stomach region, where excess (often wrinkly) fat is placed, in a hopeful attempt to hide away the unattractive overproduced skin. Elderly and obese women usually possess this kind of bodily object.
So not to defeat the purpose of looking skinny in my skinny jeans, i squashed the flab at the end of my stomach into my trusty sag bag.
by Zigabub December 17, 2013
An un-padded granny styled bra. usually in the very large sizes!!!
Guy says to his gf, why you wearing this Sag Bag
by gladman1989 February 23, 2010
Saggy Boobies..
"Damn, those are some sag bags."
"Please tell me you aren't checking out my grandma?"
by Mako3 August 20, 2008

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