Top Definition
1]Orli's/JD's sex slave.
2]A wang.
1]I am safoi. ::shake shake::
by Nikola April 08, 2004
RULE: Only kewl, pimped, old skewl hawties can use this word.

1: Totally hot
2: Insane
3: A sex change
1: His -censored- is sooo safoi! OHHH MY GAWD.
2: Your car is safoi, dude.
3: The monkey hates his big ass boobs so he wants to get a safoi.
by KaYbizzLe March 31, 2004
1. Only sexy people can use the sexy word.
2. Katie/Nikolas/Linwe's winkers.
3. I like to doo them.
1. Sexy person 4:45 pm: Your safoi is hanging out.

2. I sucked your safoi last night.

3. "DO MY SAFOI HARDER" katie screamed in exctasy.
by Camdizzle August 01, 2004
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