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a back up person boy or girl that way if it don't work out with your first choice or girl/boyfriend you have someone to fall back on that way there's no waiting around for someone new.
me: don;t you go out with bill
friend: yes, but i don't want to tell bob about him
me: well, what are you going to do?
friend: i don't know i guess bob is my safety net incase me and bill don't work out.
by RiSS-UH ! February 23, 2009
A term used in the game show Deal or No Deal when the majority of low amounts are still in play, but there are two high amounts to justify continuing the game.
Howie Mandel: Now the question is: deal or no deal.
Contestant: $275,000 is life-changing, but the $300,000 and $400,000 boxes are still in play! So I still have my 'safety net'. No deal!!!
by allykatalack August 09, 2010
an extension of the slang 'safe' where a situation is extremely favourable, an ultimate plus.
Me: yo how much wud u rate this girl from 1-10
friend:damn shes a fine 10, u know her?
Me: yea im gonna see her in a couple of weeks and shes up for it
friend: Safety net!
by jungalistjez May 08, 2005
To line the bowl of the toilet with loo roll so the poo wont land in the water that you will have just pissed in and splash piss all over your bare ass. Also useful if you have an interest in what size, colour etc of your poo as it will land on the tissue for examination
Oh I forgot to put a safety net down, my ass is covered in piss and my poo has sunk
by The Daddy March 13, 2003
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