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when you wipe your ass even though you haven't taken a shit recently--just to make sure it's all clean and good down there. A safety wipe is also the cleanest, most effective way to scratch your anus.
When Amy invited Bob back to her place, he did a safety wipe in her bathroom, in case she ended up going down on him.
by ducksRpeople2 September 13, 2011
4 1
The wipe that occurs hopefully after one finishes his last wipe of his shat in order to ensure the shit ticket is indeed un-skathed. This action will ensure not having a nasty case of ia
Dude, your walkin' like somebody just took a dremel to your kornhole.... sure you did the safety wipe?
by funEmahn August 31, 2004
21 3
A safety wipe is the one you give yourself after a fart that may have been wet and resulted in you accidentally pooping yourself a little.
Joe: I farted earlier and I had to do a safety wipe.

Kevin: ( wet sounding fart)
Sam: Damn, you need to go do a safety wipe
by Captain Caveman III October 06, 2009
12 2