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A person or persons overly concerned with safety in every situation.
"Be careful those fireworks will blow your arms and legs off!" "Oh Mercedes, Are you the chief of the safety police?"
by loki September 27, 2005
Police men or women who didnt meet the requirements to be a real cop. Also, people, who want to look like a cop, without the responsibility. A.K.A. "special police". Some of the negatives of being a safety policeperson are: No gun, maybe hairspray, No handcuffs, just plastic zip ties, and the worst of all: You get to drive in a 15 year old out of commission police car. If youre lucky, it will be a crown victoria, sometimes its a Taurus, and even worse, a minivan. Usually identified by a big yellow reflective stripe that is falling off of their old squad car. When you see the saftey police, it is customary in these parts to honk twice to let them know how insignifcant they are.
"Hey buddy, maybe you shouldnt park going across 3 handicapped parking spots. I see a cop car right there, you might get a ticket."
"Its just the safety police. Go ask him for change for the meter."
by AntonV September 30, 2005
Pharmacist in charge of the prophylactic and communicable disease section.
I'm going to Club Med...I better stop by and see the safety police.
by Mojo Mojowitz September 30, 2005
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