Code for smoking weed. People in authoritative positions usually never know what this means. Also, watch the video "Get Safe" on myspace video. You'll get the idea.
Person 1: "Dude, we should go get one of those bread bowls from domino's."
Person 2: "Yeah, but lets have a safety meeting first."
Person 1: "Ohhh for sure!"
by katieiscool? August 26, 2009
Top Definition
Code for when you're going to smoke pot while at work.
"Yo, Chad, we're having a safety meeting in the walk-in cooler in 5 minutes."
by lance January 27, 2004
Code for anytime you are smoking pot.
Honey, I need to have a safety meeting before I discuss that with you.
by harm March 02, 2005
Slang for sneaking off before work to smoke marijuana.

Meeting held before another meeting to get in the right frame of mind.
All of the raft guides disappeared before loading rafts on the bus, they must be at their safety meeting

Is there any way I can schedule some time for a safety meeting before that big presentation?
by swivet February 05, 2010
A term for having a, smoke circle, blaze session or any other scenario in which marijuana, hash, wax, or oil is being burned.
Bob: man i am so exhausted after all that work.
Marly: Yea time for a SAFETY MEETING!!
by 420 head March 06, 2012
for people who work in bars, everyone sneaks to the side for as little time as possible to take a shot and then returns to work as if nothing happened.
Bartender: "Safety meeting!"
Everyone else: runs to the end of the bar, pounds a shot, returns to work.
by supasta8301 November 14, 2011
stop what your doing immediately and adjust your attitude
"hey dude, lets step around the corner and have a safety meeting".

"nothins' gettin done... concrete's gittin hard... paperworks pilin' up, and the whole crews on the rag... i need a safety meeting.
by inspektor August 13, 2009
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