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Drinking alcohol so as to have some excuse at a later date for the actions you might get into.
"A safety buzz
Some cheap red wine
Oh, the trouble we can get in
So let's screw this one up right" - Jack's Mannequin
by conradical dogger December 06, 2005
Safty buzz

The amount of alcohol (or other substance) intake neccessary to provide a reason to try and make a move on someone. If this person is not receptive to the sexual advance, then he/she can later claim that it was the substance talking and not them. However, if he/she welcomes the advance, there is nothing to worry about.
I was on this date with this girl, and I wanted to hook up with her, but I wasn't sure if she was into me or not. However, I had my safety buzz on, so it was all good. ;-)
by The American Germanophile January 12, 2007
adj. The bare minimum alcohol intake to maintain ones personal chosen state of mind.
We can't go to the club until I get my safety buzz at home.
by Esq de Noir September 24, 2006
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