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a terrorist and a person who is very dirty. thats why he lived in a hole because he is a bum.
saddam hussien is a retard.
by fjdysnshsnfjfnvchj July 08, 2005
37 30
Satan's ex-lover. They broke up because Saddam was just in it for the sex, and never wanted to take about Satan's "feelings".
Saddam Hussien: Just call me your old pal, Saddam Hussein!
by Hallway March 15, 2005
173 45
Captured Mother Fucker
They found Saddam's bitch ass in a hole.
by dickweed December 14, 2003
115 44
Pshycopathic, eagertistical, self centred, inhumane, perthetic, insecured ,parasite,
A Pshycopathic eagertistical self centred inhumane, perthetic insecured gutless little parasite
by CAROL.T April 30, 2003
60 39
Would really like it much better if you called him Saddam Hussein.
My name is Hussein, Saddam Hussein.
by Maddicus April 17, 2003
59 47
a knob head who doesn't think
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
31 22
i think saddam is in Hell for the Ungodly things he did.
by Jew May 09, 2003
29 22