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A man with problems.
by Bob March 22, 2003
1. A dumbasss dictator whose name is short for Sodomize Hussein.

2. Bush's scapegoat for everything.
1. Damn, I hate that Hussein. Such a dick...

2. "Unemployment is rising, blame Hussein!"
by trnhklbqjgbd April 27, 2004
a totally rad punk rocker famous for such songs as "you melt my lipstick", "i wanna hold your machine gun", "check my person for lice", and "i had sex with a camel tonight"
1)Saddam Hussein rocks my socks (and genitals)!
by LIZZIE THE TOTALLY RAD December 15, 2003
Something you insert in a hole, like a tampon.
Got a saddam stuck in my veezy.
by steph December 23, 2003
Looks like Santa Claus, has recently been checked for lice.
Saddam Hussein was hanging out in his spider hole hitting a bong when the americans came knocking at his door.
by Lou Stenspayce December 14, 2003
A man who's regime was justly toppled and he has been captured. Might have to pay a small fine for his 3 insignificant charges:

1. War Crimes
2. Crimes against Humanity
3. Genocide

The USA receives less then half of it's oil from the Middle East, and most that we do get is NOT from Iraq. Most of our oil is North American, from Mexico and Canada. We also get alot from Venezuela.

Because of how little oil we get from Iraq a war would not be cost effective.

This war was our business, it's called human rights you stupid fucking hippies.

Even if Saddam got WMD's from us he still didn't give them to the UN when they asked.
Saddam Hussein supported terrorism, just not Al Quadae.
by Elitist December 31, 2003
Some kinda cunt - that's for sure! A lowlife piece of stinking crap and murderous shitstain.

Formerly aided and abetted by the USA. Got where he is today thanks to lotsa help from the yanks.

Will definately fuck Bush in the ear before the war is through....

May become perhaps the most unlikely martyr if he is killed by the "coalition of Uncle Sam and other loser states"...

Oh well!
by Schteve April 01, 2003

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