He is the former dictator and oppressor of Iraq. For twenty years he tortured and murdered people all over Iran and Iraq. Until the late 1980's he was seen as the lesser of two evils by the US compared to Iran. Then he tried to bite the hand that fed him. He got stomped. Twelve years later he got stomped again hiding and developing illegal weapons, the bad treatment of his people, being a general skid mark and dissing W (you don't diss W, he comes from Texas, they invented death and asskicking).

The French sided with him against the US, Britons, Aussies etc because He was the number one supplier of oil to France (it's all about the oil with those frogs). He sold oil to the French at really low prices in the oil for food program, however no food ever showed up, just cash for Saddam. Note: The French are the only nation to have their asses kicked by Algeria.

Other Europeans were against us because they were bullied by France and Germany with the threat of not being allowed into NATO.

Democrats just hate W and will do or say anything, no matter how dumb.

The Germans have had their asses kicked enough that not even the grand children of the once great German war machine are willing to fight for anything.

Nevertheless, no matter what those parties say W still sent in the boys to Ike Saddam and his Camel Droppings of an Army.

It is common for Frenchmen, Germans, some Europeans and De
Saddam Hussein claimed to be a valiant warrior who will crush the American Army. Where is Saddam now? I guess he is only good for torturing little kids. Whatta douche.
by Tbone July 03, 2003
Related to Dick Hertz(another poster here). Because they both love the killing of innocent people.
Mass Graveyard
by Clintonhater June 04, 2003
The person whom's name should be Sodamn insane.
Fucking Iraqi dictator decided to fuck Hitler last night.
by LRS March 19, 2004
I am a sad man that has been dammed and I am the only one who is sane.
When you hear me speak you will know I am Saddam Hussein!
by Merrily McCarthy July 17, 2003
Evil, murderous dictator who would have continued to fuck up the lives of the innocent people of iraq. many people moan about the fact that the US went into war against him forgettting that everyone did nothing while hitler took over most of eastern europe and killed hundreds of thousands of people.
I dont want to help people i dont know, so ill let Saddam Hussein continue to kill innocents.
by anon April 21, 2004
The damn Antichrist.
The Lord states Satan can come in many forms. He came in the form of a Serpent, a woman, and now a Arabic, bootleg-version of Super Mario.
by K.J. November 02, 2004
A prisoner who's body is traded for cigarettes.
Sheeeet, I'll give you a pack of Kools for that Saddam
by Mark July 16, 2003

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