An Innocent Iraqi DickTator abused by Mr. President Bush, who is the REAL terrorist to destruct Saddam Hussein's home country.

A terrorist leader with WMD, but were never going to use it against his enemies, if his enemies respected him when they did, or at least, tried to.
Even though Saddam Hussein was a bad leader, we should have never defeated him and let him rule Iraq. Mr. President Bush just lied about him and his evil plans and claims that Saddam Hussein is a terrorist when the real terrorist is President Bush! I hope he gets assasinated for bombing Iraq and goes to hell for bombing Baghdad Iraq, destroying peoples lives there.
by judenihal July 22, 2008
Former president of Iraq. Was captured by US forces Dec 13 2003. Was found guilty in Nov 2006 of killing 148 people in 1982. Sentence to die by hanging and was hung Dec 30 2006 at 0600 Iraq time.
Saddam Hussein is dead, that's one less sand nigger.
by Usafman December 31, 2006
a stupid asshole
saddam is an asshole
by gfdffdgfgf January 06, 2004
We captured him.
by KawaiiAnime December 14, 2003
Evil DICKtator who killed hundreds and thousands of people in the past 20 years with chemical weapons.
by Discman April 10, 2003
The reason I hate America.
Saddam Hussein kept Iraq stable until the Americans went and invaded. Its stupid how so many Americans are brainwashed by the media and think Saddam had WMD's because they are a bunch of white racists and want to destroy the middle eastern people.
by jbluvr6453 April 23, 2011
Satan's lover.
"C'mon guy! I can change!"
by Hiro Protagonist August 16, 2003

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