the son of a bitch who hid in a ditch until he was caught
by the americans and then was hanged
I rang saddam hussein and he's just fucking hanged up
by dollaz13 June 06, 2007
"So Damn Insane"
Saddam Hussein is so damn insane.
by pizzaman August 16, 2003
penis head. asdf asdf asdf
Saddam is a penis head
by Urban Dictionary May 21, 2005
What can I say...

Truly I mean that, what do I, a former military sailor, know of Saddam Hussein? Has anyone ever spoken with several people who would confirm that this man has actually done anything terrible to anyone? Lets examine the facts as they lay now--

a) the people in the region are fully segregated into multiple hater groups and will kill each other through any means at hand

b) when the U.S. pulls out of Iraq, they will leave it open to the civil war that the media keeps alluding to and then we will have ourselves a 'new' Saddam figurehead to bastardize.

c) not one of you shits on this website has any proof beyond the media, which is wholly propagandized by the corps. that run america aka U.S..

d) if you people dont wake up and smell the shit coming, its going to hit you in the face. tv is a joke medium for the truth. people from other countries are a joke medium, after all when our country lies why not all others. if you didnt see something personally you should be maintaining a neutral state of opinion on it at all costs. this keeps your government from brainwashing you into believing whatever like the U.S. pretends only the 'commies' do, when in fact our gov is no dif than any other. use your brain and make your own decisions people. yes, it is harder than eating the shit salad news that you get on tv, but no it isnt that damn hard.
Blinder: Saddam Hussein killed thousands with chem weapons.

Realitist: Oh ya, how do you know?

Blinder: saw it on fox news!

Realitist: You do realize I could personally put that together and make it look good enough in a very small amount of time?(flat out truth, I could make a news net and fuck your mind with whatever I wish if i had money to bribe enough fucks to promote me on the network, think about it)

Blinder: fuck you Commie bitch, die!!!!!!
by sedgewick.sage August 17, 2006
A very well hung individual.....
His pen-is very big and satan knows it.....
Did you hear Saddam Hussein was hung?
I guess he really is well hung now!
You don't get it? Let me ruin the joke by explaining it!
by Mr.Sarcasm January 13, 2007
A cruel joke God played on all our asses. A human translation of Wario
Luke: Dude, did you here about what that s.o.b. Saddam Hussein did?
Sam: Ya he's a real cunt
by d*a*v*i*d December 06, 2008
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