A patsy/shitehawk that found himself in the way of America's Oil intrests
<George Bush> Dont worry Pol Pot in under house arrest and shortly Iraq will be one big glass plate!
by searry March 19, 2003
A dumbass retard who was put into power by America.
Saddam: Launch the SCUDS!
random guy: Sorry sir we are dead.
by physco March 30, 2005
The now deceased former dictator of Iraq. After beings assassinated by wild boars, he was sent to hell and started a homosexual relationship with Satan. After Saddam murdered Satan's new lover Chris, Satan sent Saddam to Heaven to live with the Mormans.
Hey, relax guy.
by PEN-15 October 30, 2003
A.) fascist
B.) Sean Penn's bestest buddy
Saddam is a fascist.
Saddam is Sean Penn's bestest buddy ever.
by freedom fighter September 15, 2006
This man gives dictators a bad name! Take a rage dump man!
saddam was ronald reagans bestest friend in the whole wide world (or was that mujahhadeen leader osama bin laden?) well it was one of those two.
by george miller January 25, 2005
Saddam is a mother-fucker!
by unknown August 11, 2003

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