(VERB) one who hides in caves or small cheap shit undergrund areas. they usually have lice, dirty pots, mars bars, rats, and about 150,000 thousand dollars with them. they do get discovered by soldiers or some strange elite team lead by a soldier named Hernandez or Fernandez. when medical examinations have been taken on a saddam, reports of lice, and PSD's (which stands for sexualy transmitted diseases) are found. Have long facial hair, beards, sideburns, etc.
Asshanti, stop being a freakin saddam with your long beard and sideburns! And get out of that fucken hole aka your mother ass.
by SpicChinkNiggerHinduCracker December 21, 2003
wicked, accursed, atrocious, bad, brutish, cloven-footed, cursed, damnable, demoniac, demonic, detestable, diabolic, diabolical, evil, execrable, fiendish, hellborn, hellish, infernal, iniquitous, nefarious, satanic, serpentine, unhallowed, villainous
Kicking that puppy was totally saddam.
by vatech March 14, 2003
Saddam short for Saddam Hussein meaning that a male has an above average penis size.
Woman #1 - so how big is he, down there..
Woman #2 - Hes hung like saddam
by Alessandro Del Piero November 10, 2006
Old news
Ladies and Gentlemen, We got him.
by Ghost Freeman December 14, 2003
Hitler wanna-be. Also see "fucked" and "about to die". While valiantly trying to hide in civilian neiborhoods and cowardly letting his soldiers get slaughtered, American troops will track his chicken ass down. Then I will bitchslap his ass.
Saddam is fucked straight up!
by GO AMERICA!! April 03, 2003
Saddam or Saddam Hussein = slang for sodomy or sodomite.
I was doing my ol' lady Saddam Hussein style and ended up with a chili-dog.
by Mr. Bin Laden May 20, 2006
saddam is a little fucker that thought he could beat America when in actuallity he got fucked up by the unstopable American military. Also see "ass fucker" and "man saddam is lucky i didnt find him"
Man, Saddam sure got the shit beat out of his worthless army.
by Bad ass mother fucker December 17, 2003

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