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A large patch of hair that grows along the lower back above one's buttocks region.
Your sad trail tends to make others unhappy.

"Faisal and Akram marveled at the sight of Michael's sad trail in Dykstra's common bathroom. They became unhappy and urged him to wax."
by Michael Kashmoney December 09, 2007
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One might encounter a sad trail when a human of Greek origin displays their lower back, revealing a jungle of despair. A sad trail is also the directional sign one must follow to the last stop of The Underground Railroad. The physical, and emotional opposite of the Happy Trail.
Yo! Did you see Nikolai's sad trail?! He could totally catch small rodents in that shit!
by Tim May 22, 2004
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Hair down a womans buttcrack. The opposite of a happy trail.
She bent over and she actually had a sad trail!
by hngsolo April 16, 2009
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