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An unhappy, disappointed person. The phrase can be traced back to an episode of the cartoon South Park, in which the "Sexual Harassment Panda" teaches the children what is and isn't sexual harassment.

For extra sadness, the "a" in sad is drawn out.
I'm a saaaad panda, because my favorite band just broke up.
by Stephanie M. December 19, 2003
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Sexual fetish act in which a man punches his partner to give her two black eyes and then ejaculates on the middle of her face. When paired with the anticipated look of disgust, anger, and sadness on her face, she will appear to be a sad panda.
Laura: "I'm thinking of going as a sad panda for Halloween."
Ryan: "I'll come over and help you put your costume on!"
by smiller911 January 10, 2008
323 1073
A term often misused in a multitude of ways. It is not an acceptable synonym for “I’m in a sad mood”, “you’ve made me sad”, or “I’m emo now”. It should not be said in any circumstance ever. It SHOULD stay on South Park and the commercial that South Park spoofed off of. IF it is in fact used in every day conversation it should be known that it means “I can’t come up with my own jokes and I’m probably only even saying this to annoy people because in my immature state of mind I find that funny.”
Person One: "Sad Panda."
Person Two: "YOU'RE A FUCKTARD" ::ends life::
by ImAlwaysRight February 13, 2008
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A part of the phrase, "I'm a sad panda," to use as often as you can in every conversation ever to everyone you know.

Use it especially if you want your online buddies to talk about you behind your back and call you names like the following: geek, turd, jerk, pig, fool, dick, fuckwad.
Geekturdjerkpigfooldickfuckwad: "im a sad panda *insert lame panda-esque emoticon here*"
Someone Cool: "DIE, BITCH."
by one angry recipient July 30, 2005
100 1054
A ugly Asian girl.
It is to be called out when you see a ugly asian girl.
(as an ugly asian woman walks by) SAD PANDA :(!!!!
by Glenn Eason October 23, 2006
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