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SNL did NOT "pioneer" this sound effect, it's been around since vaudeville days. Dumb ass kids gotta stop writing stupid definitions.
Another dumb-ass definition from some stupid geek on the net. Sad trombone, indeed!
by Reverend Dr. Mycopheles October 03, 2005
A sex move that is similar to the rusty trombone (licking a man's butthole while giving him a reach around), only with both people crying. Usually occurs post-breakup.
After Andrew got dumped, his girlfriend gave him one last sad trombone.
by Buhrmaster April 05, 2009
Function: noun

1. Describes the sound made by a trombone to illustrate a depressing statement, action, or moment. "Wah waah". Pioneered on the SNL skit Debbie Downer.
Tad: Bjorn, did you show Nell those pictures of your new kitten?
Bjorn: I don't think so. Nell, would you like to see the pictures I have of Sir Fluffles?
Nell: Oh, Bjorn, I can't bear to look at pictures of cats -- they only make me think of watching my own Mr. Snowflake waste away due to the effects of Feline Leukemia.
Tad: Wow... sad trombone!
by Alana Post September 30, 2005