people who diss celebrities and other famous people to make themselves feel better!

sad American boys who live in their parents basements downloading porn all day!

Scally fuckers from England who have Bleached-Blonde hair who wear cheap Burberry hats and Rockport shoes saying, "Buzzin" or "thats canny man yeah" or "ere mate save us two's"!!

someone who has no comman sense!

Someone who doesn't care about being succesful, and will probably work in McDonalds for the rest of his/her life! and always say, "d ya want fries with that?"

people who take drugs and smoke pot/weed (it all kills you eventually) but they don't care!

and there's lots of other sad patetic little bastards out there, and EVERYONE THINKS YOUR SAD!
Scally says: "ere mate can you get served"
Punk says: "no, im off to go die my hair black"

Basement liver says: "Celebrities are sooo stupid, they like pose all the fuckin time, they are so retarded!"

Normal person says: "You just say all that shit to make yourself feel better, you might look "good" on the Internet but your an acne-faced motherfucker"

i hate these people!
by meef September 09, 2004
Top Definition
The population of North America. All the republicans.
"Hi, im from North America & im a republican"
"well you're a sad pathetic little bastard"
by Voice of Sense March 18, 2005
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