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adj. a word describing something that combines the better aspects of "sacrilegious" and "libidinous." More nuanced and purposeful than "racy," or "risque," more descriptive than simply "dirty-minded," can be used to describe a wide spectrum of mind-sets, positions, clothing, objects and situations. Generally used with a positive connotation although implying a certain degree of forbidden character, it can also be used to connote a level of ambiguity as to how someone feels about the sexual character of a thing/person/situation.
person 1: "how's the love life going?"
person 2: "wow--my new squeeze has a seriously sacrilibidinous mind, it's GREAT!"

Person 1: "what do you think of the new girl at work?"
Person 2: "cute, and did you see that gleam in her eye? Something sacrilibidinous going on there, I know it."

Person 1: "I was at the museum the other day looking at these ancient Hindu fertility sculptures--I was raised Baptist, there's something seriously sacrilibidinous going on there..."
Person 2: "Geez, stop being so suburban..."

Person 1: "Did you see the chest on her?"
Person 2: "Dude, she's like fifteen--that's sacrilibidinous."
by TheRose August 26, 2009
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