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Sacred Heart Univeristy is a small, private Catholic University located on the boarder of Fairfield and Bridgeport. Despite the stereotype of Bridgeport, the area surrounding SHU isn't bad at all- it's actually really safe and you're really close to everything you need, including malls, inexpensive stores, and housing in nice areas that isn't half as expensive as Fairfield. The student body is primarily white, except for a few athletes, and usually come from NJ, NY, Long Island, CT, and Mass. The people are well groomed and usually good looking. You always see a familiar face around, and everyone is pretty friendly to one another- the school spirit is strong. Sacred Heart is a division 1 school in the northeast conference. Going out to clubs and bars can get pretty pricey, considering the most common form of transportation is taxi's/trains and being well dressed is a must, but it's always fun. If you're not so much into the club/bar scene, it's not hard to find a local house party going on. The school is pretty expensive, and the prices of food are ridiculous. Some of the rules are pretty stupid, but if you're decently smart you can get away with anything. The SHUttles take you to the trainstation, mall, grocery store, etc. so you really don't need a car, though it does come in handy. Though it's not an Ivy League school and you don't need to be in the top 5% to get admitted to Sacred Heart, if you don't do your work you won't be able to stay. The reputation of Sacred Heart is a rising one, and the internship/job opportunities they offer are amazing. All in all, if you get your work done you and do well you'll have a good future ahead of you and have a lot of time to have fun, too.
Sacred Heart University a small catholic school with a growing student body and reputation.

I had SHU spam mail
by SHUSTUDENT March 16, 2008
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Sacred heart university is a small college in Fairfield CT. Sacred Heart University is a small school that offers a lot and its up to you to do something with it. Most of the population comes from Long Island, CT and MA but there is a small population that only complain about the school and never do anything to fix it. 85% of student body are Apathetic and its sad. They(the 85%) sit around and drink and complain. The RA's are pretty fair, if you are acting up then OBVIOUSLY you will be written up, such is life and If you dont like it, transfer or move off campus. SHU never promised to be the place for you. SHU does what it can with what it has. It isnt perfect but no school is. college is what you make of it and SHU is a great place to be if you have a personality and some type of intelligence
Person 1- hey Sacred Heart University sucks
Person 2- then do something about it, 'be the change u wanna see in the world"
person 1- nah i'd rather bitch and moan
person 2- oh okay good luck with that
by PIONEER FOR LIFE June 26, 2006
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A private catholic university, where the students are anything but good church girls and boys. The schools real small and really located in the ghetto of bridgeport, but we forged our adress so people think were classy. The freshman like to shit in microwaves, and pull firealarms everyday. The ra's are nazis. And the uperclassman live so far away from the school you wouldnt even no they go here. All the kids go to r- bar every weekend and get shot at club house. This is our 34,000 dollar education... Sacred heart university
Sacred Heart university is the classyness of ct
by michael1234 April 28, 2006
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