In contrast to all of the negative hype regarding Sac, Sacramento is NOT small, ethnically and culturally restricted, full of only state government workers (although it IS the state capital, what do you expect??), absent of any "real" ghettos (just visit South Sac or Oak Park), or devoid of any "real" affluent areas ($5 million+ for homes in Fab 40s, downtown and Greenhaven). The downtown area is fucking crazy right now with all the redevelopment geared towards new lofts/housing, new bars/clubs (Empire, The Park), new offices (that are not government-related I might add), etc.

Sacramento is only boring to people who don't leave their fucking houses to actually experience what the hell's going on. And no, there's not only drinking and "lame-ass" bars to go to. There's second Saturday art walks downtown, Lipstick for those in the indie/underground music scene, AWESOME live shows at the Memorial and Crest, Taco Tuesdays!, not to mention Friday night in Chavez Park during the summer (Deftones played a free show there last summer). The suburbs suck ass where there's not much to do, but even in light of that there are still hella chill places to frequent in small pockets all over town (Shakers in Citrus Heights, Stingers in Arden, Stockman's in Fair Oaks, Brickworks in Oak Park, etc.). The music scene is kick-ass with all of the great local bands and hip-hop artists as well as major and indie label musicians that creep through town.

In spite of popular opinion, the only university in town, CSUS, is NOT inferior to UC Davis (sorry, we don't have drunken sorority sluts that like to show their shit off on MTV). This school just happens to actually be affordable to those of us who aren't dependent on our parent's money to pay for a higher education. UC Davis is only cool if you're studying science or fucking cows. For every other field that's actually applicable to the workforce CSUS is a MUCH better and relevant school.

The weather is ridiculous if you're not used to valley weather because you've never lived there. No it doesn't snow, why the fuck would it when it's based in the valley?! The weather's pretty decent most of the year (it is in Cali afterall), but July and August are ridiculous b/c it gets over 100 and January and February are pretty cold, but not that cold in comparison to the rest of the world (it doesn't even drop below 30!).
Sacramento's HELLA cool if anyone bothered to chill for more than a minute (and no I'm not a teenager, everyone uses this fucking word).
by trouble creeper December 12, 2006
The Capital of California which has no cows (not a cow town) and two rivers. The kids pass time by getting high and wasted. The city is located in Northern California and is honestly better than L.A. because there is less racial tention, less traffic, better air quality and the people are more down to earth. Sacramento is NOT part of the Bay Area and we are GLAD. Sac is a chill place to grow up but once you graduate its time to get out. Sacramento has a lot of trees and is a very beautiful city from above cause all you see is different shades of green. Don't judge the town from what you hear. Leave the talkin' for the kids from Sac.
Sacramento for life.
by SacTownPersianGirl August 03, 2009
As a native of Sactown I want to clear up a couple of things. It is the Capital of California, the Governator isn't really doin a bad job, neither Sac State or UC Davis is that tight, we do say hella, there is just as much diversity and things to do as any city so it's fun but average, tahoe is close, everyone rides some type of board, and we are not, I repeat, not part of the bay (but mac dre and nickatina both rep it), and we have some dank as bud. just stop hatin cuz we supply the rest of the state with clean we up on all of you
sacramento as referred to by mac and nicki "niggas can't fuck wit dre and mac, we put the thang down from da bay to sac"
by dotog June 05, 2007
A place where there is always something to do at night and anyone that thinks any different either doesnt go outside or is blind and deaf............has no problem with L.A., SF, Oakland, any other city in CA because we all californians...........lived here for 15 years and have never seen a cow in the city just in suburbs.......unlike many people think most people here dont work for the government............we supply L.A. with its water so they dont have much to bitch about
Sacramento isnt boring nor is it a ghost town wit a whole bunch of cows..............
by Ja momas house April 16, 2008
The once bohemian, now overdeveloped, capital of California. Hot, crowded and overpriced. Was once the last refuge of the Bay Area's working class. Now a wasteland of corporate polish and greed. Proof of Agent Smith's "virus" theory in "The Matrix."

Nicknames: Sack-a-tomatoes, Satan's Armpit, Suck-A-Dead-Toe, etc.
Sacramento used to be a cool place to live until the yuppies found us.
by ʇʞǝظqo March 02, 2011
People talk shit about this town, and I'm not from $acra, but I'm gonna defend it. It's NOT a cowtown. I spent 18 years of my life in a fucking cowtown of 200 people and all ranches. I would know what a cowtown is, and you have to go hella outta town to even see any cows. Second Saturday is crackin', huge block party basically. Everyone gets fucked up, the river is right here, perfect for hot days, and there's endless lakes, streams, rivers, etc to fish or chill at. The people are friendly, and there's a lot of races here. Worst part is it gets fucking hot. The rent is reasonable, and Sac is not small. It's 500,000 people for all you idiots that think it's tiny. Somehow, they still maintain a small town feel thought, which is nice. Hella good dank, downtown is crackin, lots of bars and good food....hella things to do. Cops don't really jock, but the fucking meter maids are out to get you. Greater Sac area is huge....Sacramento has a lot of shit to do, and is way less stressful and bullshit than some $crap ass city like SD or LA. And oh ya, that's the best $craps. Therez some wannabe $craps in Howe Park, but that's it. Nice place to live overall.
"I'm moving up to Sacramento next month"

"Fo sho, eNe, city of trees, break me off something"
by 916 2 THA 831 September 25, 2009
You would think by listening to the news and the radio that Sacramento is the greatest city to live in ! NEVER ! This city has so many bad points that it is hard to list them all.

1. Bad weather and excesive heat/cold, too much pollen in the spring due to the proud amount of trees

2. the city has no real culture. they think their jazz scene is hot when once a year Sacramento has the Dixieland Jazz Festival which they found out it does not attract people. Hence , the new name of the jazz festival. There is a very cliche jazz scene but no real talent . This scene likes to play in Colleges. Have you ever heard of the classy bar Yoshis in San Francisco ? Need I say more ?
Most of the artist and musicians have an attitudude as if they are on the same level as truly cultural citys . Furthermore, they put down real citys and they are big fishes in a little dirty bowl.

3. In general , the people are so bored and maybe religious that they constantly judge others when it is none of their f+CKin business what others do and if they don't approve, they go out on a mission to destory your sabotage or discredit others that they are jealous or don't like .

4. They don't know class and think they are living the high life in Granite Bay, Folsom and the fab 40s.. Ever hear of Lauguna Beach, Newport Beach, San Diego and San Francisco ! Or do you just adopt the attitude that everything else sucks since you have never travelled there. ! I am sorry just a trip to Disneyland is not enough to judge Southern Cal.

5. There are a bunch of lemmings who follow each other here . If you are an individual you are consider odd and mental. You are considered to be marked or insulted if you have different opinions on other places that are better than Sacramento. This town has a severe inferiority complex .

6. The majority of the people are state workers who suck of the titty of California. There is so much waste in jobs that California is nearly bankrupt ! There are incompetant workers with a poor work ethnic because bureacy are poor managed, inefficient and it is not there money !
sacramento sucks sac balls
by I hate Sacramento too June 26, 2009
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