City where the most alcohol is consumed in northern California. City where the weekend starts on Wednesday. Only city in california where everyone eats out for every meal.
Does anyone do anything other than drink in Sacramento?
by "shots at the bar" reggie December 10, 2004
The Capital of California which has no cows (not a cow town) and two rivers. The kids pass time by getting high and wasted. The city is located in Northern California and is honestly better than L.A. because there is less racial tention, less traffic, better air quality and the people are more down to earth. Sacramento is NOT part of the Bay Area and we are GLAD. Sac is a chill place to grow up but once you graduate its time to get out. Sacramento has a lot of trees and is a very beautiful city from above cause all you see is different shades of green. Don't judge the town from what you hear. Leave the talkin' for the kids from Sac.
Sacramento for life.
by SacTownPersianGirl August 03, 2009
As a native of Sactown I want to clear up a couple of things. It is the Capital of California, the Governator isn't really doin a bad job, neither Sac State or UC Davis is that tight, we do say hella, there is just as much diversity and things to do as any city so it's fun but average, tahoe is close, everyone rides some type of board, and we are not, I repeat, not part of the bay (but mac dre and nickatina both rep it), and we have some dank as bud. just stop hatin cuz we supply the rest of the state with clean we up on all of you
sacramento as referred to by mac and nicki "niggas can't fuck wit dre and mac, we put the thang down from da bay to sac"
by dotog June 05, 2007
A place where there is always something to do at night and anyone that thinks any different either doesnt go outside or is blind and deaf............has no problem with L.A., SF, Oakland, any other city in CA because we all californians...........lived here for 15 years and have never seen a cow in the city just in suburbs.......unlike many people think most people here dont work for the government............we supply L.A. with its water so they dont have much to bitch about
Sacramento isnt boring nor is it a ghost town wit a whole bunch of cows..............
by Ja momas house April 16, 2008
People talk shit about this town, and I'm not from $acra, but I'm gonna defend it. It's NOT a cowtown. I spent 18 years of my life in a fucking cowtown of 200 people and all ranches. I would know what a cowtown is, and you have to go hella outta town to even see any cows. Second Saturday is crackin', huge block party basically. Everyone gets fucked up, the river is right here, perfect for hot days, and there's endless lakes, streams, rivers, etc to fish or chill at. The people are friendly, and there's a lot of races here. Worst part is it gets fucking hot. The rent is reasonable, and Sac is not small. It's 500,000 people for all you idiots that think it's tiny. Somehow, they still maintain a small town feel thought, which is nice. Hella good dank, downtown is crackin, lots of bars and good food....hella things to do. Cops don't really jock, but the fucking meter maids are out to get you. Greater Sac area is huge....Sacramento has a lot of shit to do, and is way less stressful and bullshit than some $crap ass city like SD or LA. And oh ya, that's the best $craps. Therez some wannabe $craps in Howe Park, but that's it. Nice place to live overall.
"I'm moving up to Sacramento next month"

"Fo sho, eNe, city of trees, break me off something"
by 916 2 THA 831 September 25, 2009
The once bohemian, now overdeveloped, capital of California. Hot, crowded and overpriced. Was once the last refuge of the Bay Area's working class. Now a wasteland of corporate polish and greed. Proof of Agent Smith's "virus" theory in "The Matrix."

Nicknames: Sack-a-tomatoes, Satan's Armpit, Suck-A-Dead-Toe, etc.
Sacramento used to be a cool place to live until the yuppies found us.
by ʇʞǝظqo March 02, 2011
As the capital of California--the state with the largest population which boasts the world's 4th largest economy--Sacramento is a thriving city sprawled in the north-central part of the state just 1 1/2 hours inland from the San Francisco Bay Area. While Sacramento can reach temperatures of 110 degrees or higher in the summer months and has big trucks a-plenty, it has a lot going for it as well: well paying jobs, decent, clean and safe suburbs, good schools and a multitude of ways to have fun make Sacramento one of the most desirable family cities in America. While Sac Town may not have much of a scene for the under 40 crowd there are still places where young people can hang out and have fun. The American River is a popular party location, Sac State and UC Davis (in nearby Davis) supply the area's college scene and numerous restaurants, coffee and yogurt shops, bookstores and clubs provide ideal settings for the youth to meet and socialize. I grew up in Sacto and I'm always open to the idea of moving back there and settling down when I'm over 40 and have a family.
PA soccer mom: Honey, I'm tired of this depressing eastern landscape. I hate these harsh winters and I'm tired of looking at abandoned textile factories and farms on my way to work. Let's move to Sacramento, CA. I heard that it's the mecca of suburbia.

PA office park dad: You're right darling. The jobs pay very well out there and there aren't as many minorities. Besides, we can sit in our air conditioned house all day and stare at our neighbors through our mini-blinds. What is more fun than that?

PA soccer mom: know there are those rednecks to worry about.

PA office park dad: Ah, don't worry about them. We'll live in Rocklin where the only rednecks we'll see will be the guy who looks like Axl Rose mowing our lawn.

PA family: Yay! Let's move to Sacramento!
by Nite of Nat September 30, 2007

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