Somone that will hype a particular product or item up to more than it seems, just beacuse of it's currently trendy.
Skyline sack riders: "OMG A SKYLINE!!!! 500WHP!!! Mine is on the boat from japan RIGHT NOW!!!!!1one"
by soundcatz October 25, 2005
Top Definition
German name for a pickpocket or a thief.

Americanized spelling of German Sackreuter, a nickname for a plunderer or cutpurse, from Middle High German 'sack' meaning sack or bag and 'riutære' meaning one who tears out
Sackrider is my last name!
by Dale Sackrider November 25, 2005
A person who copies others just to fit in.
Sackrider = Annie
by Riceninja123 September 07, 2010
Sackrider is the english version of a family name of immigrants from Strasburg Germany who came to the US in 1731. The name means Saxon Horseman. Sachen or Sack is old German for Saxon. Rider is horseman.
When naming someone the occupation was most important. In this case horseman or "rider" in German "reuter" The next task was to distinguish between various reuters. The ethnicity or other characteristics were used, in this case Saxon, or Sachen, shortened to Sack. German Sachenreuter, to English Sackrider.
by Sackrider May 25, 2009
A person who rides someone else's nutsack in order to be part of the action. One who will do anything to be part of what is considered cool, including but not limited to sucking dick for coke.
TheTieger is ps2-scene's sackriding faggot.
by buckrogers April 23, 2005
Somone who is on a bandwagon, a person who follows trends. Someone who gets involved in a something just to be a part of it.
Arlyn is an Ashley Nebel hating sackrider.
by Arlyn November 17, 2004

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