Somebody who acts immature, lacks in banter and is generally an embarrassment to hang around with, due to this they tend to have no friends (other than sacks), it can also be said that sacks come in packs, as sacks tend to from groups of other sacks, having photo sessions where they take endless photos of themselves, then add them to facebook, or pretending to be drunk off one beer or a sip of wine! The list of sack activities are endless.
She had one wkd and told everyone she was mortal, what a fucking sack
#embarassing #friendless #banter lacking #poor craic #no mates
by YELDEP June 18, 2011
1. v. to hit one in the scrotum.
2. v. to fire, esp. from a job.
1. Keg has been sacked multiple times, once by a pumpkin.
2. Bob got sacked for leaving the cash register unattended on multiple occasions.
by Dain Kinkaide June 23, 2003
Another, short term for the word douche bag. This can be used as an effective comeback.
Guy 1: Dude, I just got that girl's number!
Guy 2: That's my ex!
Guy 1: Well at least she's not your problem anymore.
Guy 2: Sack...
#douche bag #stupid #jerk #loser #annoying
by UnicornRainbowTurd November 21, 2011
A humorous insult not particularly referring to anything with complete certainty. Could be referring to the male genitals or something else completely.
Hey, that kid Mark over there thinks he's pretty tough. What a sack!
#loser #freak #dork #scrotum #nut sack
by llamakicker April 04, 2011
an insult used frequently or as a light hearted diss to distract, "put-off", or annoy freinds and co workers. The word refers to a gentlemans scrotum.
from distance a freind is tuning a girl, you yell "sack!" as loudly as possible or "peter is a sack!". It is best used in a drive-by sense. Or when someone is about to snap to get maximum effect.
#ballsack #sackelberry fin #ball-hummer #suck my balls #sac
by kieran schulz January 14, 2009
A person who displays sack-like behavior. This person will usually contains characteristics such as minimal brain function and very low productivity.
"Man that guy is such a sack"
"Nice call you sack"
#useless #retard #dumb #stupid #way
by Ghandi Eyes June 11, 2008
It is basicaly when someone messes up or does something stupid.
Dicky-OMG FICKY 2+2=32432
#sack #dumb #idoit #retard #loser
by Angieisgreat09 February 16, 2008
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