Somebody who acts immature, lacks in banter and is generally an embarrassment to hang around with, due to this they tend to have no friends (other than sacks), it can also be said that sacks come in packs, as sacks tend to from groups of other sacks, having photo sessions where they take endless photos of themselves, then add them to facebook, or pretending to be drunk off one beer or a sip of wine! The list of sack activities are endless.
She had one wkd and told everyone she was mortal, what a fucking sack
by YELDEP June 18, 2011
1. The scrotum.
by Famous Mortimer January 24, 2003
Someone's bag of marijuana
Yo, lemme get a sack for twenty!
by Shane The Juggalo February 20, 2005
Sack is derived from the term "sack of shit". It describes someone who is unworthy of even being filled the feces that would reside within a "sack of shit". It is usually used to describe a person who is extremely lazy or is performing an extremely lazy act.
Friend #1: "Hey man can you shut the lights off?"

Friend #2: "Sorry bro. Busy."

Friend #1: "Dude you're right next to them. Just reach over and shut them off."

Friend #2: "Man that's too far away. I'm busy."

Friend #1: "Busy doing what? You've been playing League of Legends and eating toaster waffles on my couch for six hours."

Friend #2: "Exactly. I'm busy."

Friend #1: "You're a fucking sack."
by Kflop Fats January 25, 2013
a tool
Jon Smith is a SACK
by josef von jerkoff July 03, 2010
Sack can be used in a number of ways:
1) to insult someone
2) to refer to balls
3) to describe a beating / misfortune
4) to subsitute the word 'shit'
1) dude, that guy is such a sack
2) lick my sack
3) that guy just got completely sacked by that crazy mofo
4) ohh sack that hurt
by ryan tanzi May 10, 2008
this verb means to dump someone's bookbag out clean.
guy 1 "Hey, Jim left! sack him."

guy 2 (so guy 2 dumps everything out of Jim's bag)
by funnyman21224 July 30, 2010
v. to like a lot or love
used heavily in the NoVa area.

- "I sack that girl from english class."
by weezyfbabyyyy November 06, 2008

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