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wack ass school on long island. ghetto, currently on welfare. fucking white people run that shit like WHATTT. homie, there is about 6 negroids in this school. also alot of whores attend this school and do not wear enough clohes, and suck alot of male genitalia.
yo, i go to shithole sachem . damn this SUCKS. the fuckin school cant even aford agenda books, and i found a small bug in my fries today, fucking sachem !
by yoMOMZfool October 28, 2006
An incredibly secret and exclusive society within a select group of fraternal organizations at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, which is separate from all other associations of the Native American use of the word "sachem."

All members have selected pseudonyms and once moved an entire parked Ford Focus.

by Phil McKraken, AB1743 February 23, 2011
a school district on long island
yo man i go to sachem
by pika November 01, 2004