when a girl is sucking on a guy's balls and he pees on her. this usually requires special positioning somewhat similar to the 69 but with the guy on top slightly above the female in a sitting position (sitting on her face backwards). The term getting "sacajaweaed" is often considered derogatory and refers to a "dirty" girl.
Man i heard kaitlyn got sacajaweaed last night! that skank is crazy!
by michelle March 20, 2005
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A sack of marijuana. Coined because it sounds similar to "sack of your weed."

Sometimes extended to 'sacajawea dollar' which allows one to let people know you have a sack of weed without squares figuring out what you are referring to.
1. We're going to a concert. Bring that sacajawea.

2. I have a sacajawea dollar in my pocket.
by hustlerballer August 23, 2005
a super fine indian girl and is wickedly awesome
If Sacajawea is your favorite word you might be as cool as a "Baby Skip!"
by baby skipper April 26, 2010
(noun) When you have a group of white kids that is hanging out with one African American,that knows the land,to lead them through the unknown ghetto territory to score drugs.The African American being the "sacajawea".
"Dude,if were gonna go Downtown to score some weed we're going to need a sacajawea. Call up DayDay."
by TheWordIsBird. October 22, 2012
a scrotum, or "nutsack"
Ouch!- I sat down wrong and hurt my sacajawea.
by Joe Bone March 07, 2005
SACAJEWEA!! either a very foolish, annoying, ridiculous or retarded person, or the life of the party, the drunk guy/ gurls who chugs kegs, dances on table and yells stupid things and makes everyone laugh because their so pathetically waisted
person 1- Yeah..and she was all like oh no you didnt!
person 2- Shut the hell up you stupid sacajewea!!


(everyone laugh's)
random person-haha that sacajewea is so funny!!!! ....lets put make up on him, put his hands down his pants and leave him infront of the polica station once he passes out!!
by .jess. April 15, 2004
a drunken guide...
the guy who leads the way to the party
by men without hats October 16, 2003

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