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Putting your scrotum in a girls mouth. Same as a tea-bag, but it just stays in there.
Yeah, like that sac lunch.
by Sam February 26, 2005
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A sexual manuever that involves the process of a person nibbling on a scrotom during the afternoon hours.
John walked into the office and yelled "who wants to go get lunch" graham replied; How bout you c'mon over and i'll feed you a saclunch

Kent bolted home promptly at noon and fed Kitra a sac lunch
by blacklung April 13, 2009
When you are suffocating a girl with a clear plastic bag while fucking her, and right before you explode your load (while she is still gagging) you shove your penis inside the bag and blow your load on her face.
Dude, I gave that girl a sac lunch, but she didn't get air in time and the fucking bitch died!!
by Pedo File December 15, 2008
Jacking off into a sandwhich baggy...
clayton I saw Rusty packin you a sac lunch earlier
by VICK10 January 06, 2006

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