Super sexy beast
"You see that chick over there?"
"hellz yea, thats a sabryna if i ever saw one."
by Yoursecretadmierer December 28, 2009
Top Definition
A beautiful woman, with brown wavy hair. Sparkling brown eyes, and perfect skin. Very funny, extreamly sexy and attractive. She can be shy at times, but it loving and always fun to be around! She's very unique and special, she has all kinds of different talents and will always dazzle you with her charm! She has a ghetto butt, and very nice features!
The name Sabryna is b e a u t i f u l. :
by sunshine_44 February 08, 2010
She is probably the most amazing person you'll ever get to know. She's intelligent, beautiful, and elegant. Her classiness and cuteness will blow your mind. Once you get to know her, you can't forget her. They know how to make you feel loved and they know how to seduce you like no other. Lovable in every aspect, she can make you fall for her with only one look. They're also usually awesome dancers and good at cooking. They have amazing eyes and a rocking body. They are literally your everything.
Man, look at that cute chick over there.
Don't get your hopes high, she's obviously a Sabryna.
by DerpyMudkip December 22, 2012
A girl who think she have a dick and wants every other person to suck her dick.
Sabryna, "Hey you. Yea you SMD." King Kong, "Ok"
by GODZILLA January 01, 2013
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