When someone with a saab adds aftermarket parts to make it look like a subaru wrx
A saabaru WRX dam that is hard thinking of words to put in this example . wat i mean is that a saab looks like a subaru which incidently is U R A Bus backwards.
by peachi knob August 09, 2005
Top Definition
what happens when saab takes a car made by subaru and puts a saab badge on it.
subaru wrx = saab 92x.
by citypulse April 10, 2005
A saab with a subaru 2.0L horizontally 4 cylinder motor with a wrx turbo, trans, and frame.
this wagon does 0-60mph in 6 sec stock and looks mean
anyone who hates on this car is just pissed that they dont own 1 of 10,500 made
(making it more rare and desirable then a WRX):)
person 1 Thats a nice WRX over there!
person 2 Yea but id rather have that bad ass saab 9-2x aero thats over there

person 1 dude your right that saab is AWESOME!!!
person 2 Im gonna buy a saabaru cause there sick!
by The 9-2x Owner May 01, 2012
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