Is a Swedish automobile manufacturer known for making most of the cars which stops with random errors at road side. (9 of 10 cars seen on a wrecking truck in sweden is Saabs).

SAAB is a akronym for "Svenska Aeroplan Aktie Bolag", (Swedish Airplane JSC).
But the most known akronym is "Skrota aset annars byt", which mean "Scrap that Ass, or trade it".
A Saab!? I thought you had bought a car!?
by emil.s January 21, 2009
Sure Ain't A Beemer
Jay: Hey look at that fugly car...

by Physignathus October 21, 2010
SAAB: is commonly known as the swedish car company. The acronym, however, stands for Something An Asshole Buys.
Look at that car.. Its definitely SAAB.
by Berlo October 11, 2009
Swedish car company. The name is an acronym for 'Something Another Asshole Bought'
That asshole just bought a saab.
by Nosmo April 30, 2008
something that is shitty.
that kids shirt saabs man.
by Jim Rice February 16, 2005
(n)a smooth, very, very fast car driven by prople with taste and discenment; (adj) to demonstrate individuality in car buying
"he was a typical SAAB owner, he was more interested in what he had than what people thought of him"
by TMCM kiwi August 21, 2004
Something Almost Always Broken,
i drive a great 1978 Saab 99!
by Will September 26, 2004

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