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One who sucks, but this term really only authentically applies to those who use it.
Cars, who frequently says people s0xx0rs, s0xx0rs, as does Staran.
by Tae July 18, 2003
Adjective for general suckiness.

Synonyms: Staran, Schism.
Antonyms: r0xx0rs.
You = s0xx0rs.
by BioWare OT July 14, 2003
People who think that Staran = s0xx0rs.
Staran = S0xx0rs.
(the person who says this obviously s0xx0rs)
by l33tpeople August 08, 2003
to be one who acts in a s0xx0ring manner
the owning of a s0xx0ring heritage
to be Staran-like in attitude
"Staran s0xx0rz"
by Carsomyr July 14, 2003