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Similar to using retard but harsher. Just like r-tard, but 's' is further down the alphabet so it is crueler. Usually used as an insult.
Jenny: Did you watch Tweenies last night?
Mark: No I didn't you complete s-tard.
by Jessica Winkworth September 09, 2007
Abbreviation for 'bastard', suitable for public utterance.
"JD is such a 'stard."

Expletive: "Son-of-a-stard!!!"
by Jack Nick July 20, 2003
Silly word used by emo skater types with silly haircuts to describe a "rad" trick that was done stylishly, yet was high in difficulty. Stylish + hard = stard. Clever those skater types.
"that fronside kickflip switch 180 tailflip nollie frontlip nosegrind was stard."
by skater182 August 06, 2009
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