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A combination of the words in the phrase "Whats The Craic"
It means "How's it going?"
"Hey man, scraic?"
"Not too bad man!"
by Oisin Byrne October 19, 2007
Irish Slang.

Meaning: whats up?, how are you?
to be said as a question.

it is of two words, craic or crac and sup

crac is irish slang for crack, spelled craic or crac. pronounced crack.

to have a craic i.e to have fun
sup, whats up
you greet a friend by saying: s'craic?

friend reply's: not much.
by Candersen May 25, 2010
scraic means "whats the craic"

the usual answer is "NM....WBU" for "nothing Much.....what about you?"

thich usually start a converstaion
well, scraic

nutin much...wbu???

nahh nutin much eithier
by jamezymck July 25, 2008
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