v.: a high-pitched noise emitted by a male when he sees an attractive female. SCOO-ing is usually done from a distance; however, a truly daring individual may do it to her face. female-to-male SCOO-ing has been known to happen, though it is exceedingly rare.
"oh man, check out that girl over there.. SCOO!"
by DSP-AD September 01, 2006
anything and everything
Who the scoo are you?
Yo where the scooz at?
Ahhh mom. scoo for dinner again!
Oh what up scooo
Jenny and Jim were going to the movies but, because jenny was scoo they missed the movie.
by Heefz February 02, 2011
The strings and webs of cum seen suspended in any body of water; this phenomenon is almost always seen when urinating shortly after masturbation.
"Somebody didn't flush the toilet before I went it, and I could see their scoo in the water."
by This Pegasus July 04, 2014
shortend term for "supa coo" or "super cool"
"he fell on on his face"
"ha ha ha 'SCOO'"
by augio March 14, 2006
The fluid which drips from the anus after an act of sodomy.
Yee-doggy does Jim's scoo taste like the underbelly of a week-old roadkill.
by Jim Bob. July 23, 2003
Institution for higher learning. Only for the gifted.
Man, this s'coo is dope! Fo sheezy!"
by Heliroo October 17, 2003
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