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Referring to the S on Superman's chest. When someone walks around like they got a s on their chest, they walk around like nothing can harm them or like they're invincible or something.
"People say I walk around like I got a S on my chest"- 50 Cent
by Catherine October 09, 2003
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Refers to the s on supermans chest. You act like you cant be hurt or taken down, as if you are invincible.
"They say i walk around like i got a s on my chest" Lil Wayne,Go DJ
by xxKiara27xx July 19, 2005
Having the confidence of a super hero-
Classic Lil Wayne Track-
cash money bitch.

I Dont Jump On The Track, I Pole Vault,I Got That S On My Chest Im Supposed To Ball...
I Walk Around Like I Gotta s on my chest, I'm Supposed To Ball...
by Ashweezy March 09, 2008
To wear a Smith & Wesson bullet proof vest on your chest.
Jay got shot yesterday and he still breathin'. Cus he had dat (S) Smith & Wesson bullet proof vest on.

I got S on my chest so i can live long.
by Screwmatic July 17, 2008
'S on my chest' Refers to Superman and his being the man of steel. It means the person with the S on their chest is invincible and are asking someone to shoot them as a sign of good will. Once shot, they must buy the shooter a drink
"Yeah man, shoot me, I have an s on my chest."
by Razae May 05, 2006
To feel superhuman, like how superman has an "S" on his chest.
You were there like a punk,
Just to get in my face,
Wanted in me wanted to be
Till I gave you a taste
Don't need your goddamn pressure
Frontin' stress I'm superman motherfucker
Without the s on my chest
Trying to step in my circle I'm leaving you purple and black
On your back drop your ass like a heart attack
Rippin' through your life like a motherfuckin'
Hurricane fist full of Novocain for the pain

-Under My Skin, By Mudvayne
by Le Beast December 26, 2005
I want you to take a big shit all over my chest
I want you to take a big s on my chest then rub it around and maybe eat a little of it...m-kay
by ffo kcuf August 28, 2006
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