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Ryu Hayabusa is the protagonist of the ninja gaiden series, and a selectable character in dead or alive series. In fact he is labelled as a super ninja due to the Ninja Gaiden plot. In the DOA series he is a toptier due to canon (He defeated an interdimensional Tengu called Bankotsubou) and his fast and deadly attacks, including izuna otoshi (It's not omote renge, folks!). He has lots of powerful attacks and carry a plethora of weapons in the ninja gaiden on the Xbox. He pwns along with joe musashi, strider hiryu, taki, rikimaru and other ninjas that naruto universe has just ripped off due to lack of ideas in creating good characters and plot.
Lucid and intelligent person: I just mastered ryu's combos in Dead ro alive, after i went to ninja gaiden black and beat it using dabilahro and true dragon sword! ryu hayabusa is the coolest!

Naruto fan: nope itachi is the coolest because he killed his realtives and yakkit yakka yakka yakka...

Lucid and intelligent person: and by the way you don't know that naruto is a ripoff of videogame ninjas, uh?
by Chris Falcon July 02, 2008
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